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1/2 Gallon Acrylic Penny Candy Jars - 6ct

1/2 Gallon Acrylic Penny Candy Jars - 6ct

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  • Stylish Unbreakable Jar
Believe it or not - it's an acrylic penny candy jar. Since this is the most popular style of glass penny candy jar, acrylic was sure to follow. Though a little more expensive than it's glass counterpart, the return on investment is actually higher. With a virtually indestructible acrylic container and lower shipping costs, you actually end up saving money over glass.
Another benefit over glass is that acrylic containers are highly suggested for unwrapped food products by most health department. This allows you to expand upon the products you can showcase in penny candy jars. Imagine, wrapped and unwrapped candy sitting side by side in matching containers for consistency in style. Fill you stores with these acrylic candy jars and experience the smell of sweet success. Want a stylish rack with the candy jars included? You'll love this Penny Candy 6 Jar Rack! Order your candy jars today!

  • 7" x 4 3/4" x 7 1/2"
  • 42 ounce penny candy jar with chrome lid
  • Capacity can be increased to 72 ounces if jar is upright

Available in Various Case Sizes:
81802-1228-6    Case of 6
81802-1228-12  Case of 12
81802-1228-18  Case of 18
81802-1228-24  Case of 24

The Right Candy Jars Can Help Sell The Candy!

Producing great sales in a candy shop is, of course, based in part on the quality of the candy that is available to customers. However, displaying it in the correct candy jars can have a significant impact on the success of any given store. If a shop owner chooses the right jars for their products, they will find that the containers play a big part in selling the candy.

Candy makes a great gift but customers are often at a loss as far as how they can attractively present it to their loved ones. To help the decision-making process, shop owners should have a selection of novelty jars available that can be filled with gift candy. For example, an apple jar is a great choice for a teachers gift because it holds candy and will look great on her desk.

Regardless of the shape, it is a good idea to have glass candy jars available for customers. Glass jars simply look a bit nicer than those made of plastic or acrylic, and most importantly, they can be easily cleaned and reused. Shoppers are happy to purchase another container of candy if they know that they will have an attractive jar to reuse in their home.

Even if the jars will stay in the store and not go home with customers, their shape and style can influence the amount of sales. For example, penny candy jars are a style that draws in the eye of many shoppers because they are so nostalgic. Just a glimpse will take many adults back to the candy stores of their childhoods and they will be dying to see which favorite treats might be inside.

Having great candy in stock is important but it is also necessary to display it in the best possible candy jars. Many jars work great as gift boxes and can be used to hold a variety of different household items once the candy is gone. There are also models that can simply sit on the store shelves and draw the attention of customers.

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