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2-Way Double Square Upright Rack
2 Straight 16" Flag Arms

2-Way Double Square Upright Rack

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  • Square Base 
Change up your store today but adding some of these 2-way double square upright racks! These apparel racks are absolutely fantastic options for showcasing items in a specific spot. The square base on this garment display allows your items to stand tall even when accidentally bumped by customers. Customize your order today by viewing all six style options listed below! What are you waiting for? Order now!

Six Style Options:
  1. 2 Straight 16" Flag Arms
    • 32 Pounds
  2. One Faceout & One Waterfall Arm
    • 34 Pounds
  3. 2 Flag Waterfall Arms
    • 35 Pounds
  4. 2 Straight Tube Faceout Arms
    • Each is 16" long
    • 34 Pounds
  5. 2 Square Tube Waterfall Arms
    • 39 Pounds
  6. 1 Faceout And 1 Waterfall Arm
    • 34 Pounds

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