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3-Tier Wood Candy Rack -  7 1/2" w Bins

3-Tier Wood Candy Rack - 7 1/2" w Bins

Part Number:[product-id] Price $3,505.50
Imagine this sleek wood candy rack gracing the floor of your candy aisles, stopping customers in their tracks. This wooden candy rack has so much personality, it could even be classified as suave! However, the best part of having this wood candy display in your store is the super-sized profits it will send flowing your way. Want something even better? You got it, we have 9 inch bins available with this wooden rack. We made ordering a breeze - simply choose add to cart! 

  • 48"W x 30"D x 50"H
  • Formica with Oak grain print
  • (6) 7 1/2" Round Face Gravity Bins On Top
  • (12) 7 1/2" Round Face Candy Bins
  • (18) Metal Scoops And Scoop Holders

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