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3-Tier Wooden Candy Rack - With 9" Bins

3-Tier Wooden Candy Rack - With 9" Bins

Part Number:82607-788003 Price $3,995.00
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This wood candy display will have customers coming back for more of your tasty treats, again and again. There is nothing like the look of an oak grain candy fixture to turn heads and attract customers. This wood candy rack is so compelling, customers will be looking for a second scoop so they can use both hands to fill their baskets with delectable candy and snacks.

  • 48"W x 30"D x 50"H
  • Formica with Oak grain print
  • (10) 9" Round Face Candy Bins - Choose from singular or divided
  • (5) 9" Round Face Gravity Bins (not able to be divided)
  • (15) Metal Scoops And Scoop Holders

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