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5 Tier Candy Rack with Acrylic Bins and 8 Tubes

5 Tier Candy Rack with Acrylic Bins and 8 Tubes

Part Number:82607-1130 Price $4,288.01
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5 tier candy rack is ideal for creating more display space in a 4 foot area. This lovely candy cabinet turns dead air into valuable square footage by taking your products vertical. Display a whopping 30 products when used with single product acrylic bins or an amazing 50 products (25 bins) when you choose the exciting divided acrylic bins.  


Rack is 48½ wide X 24½ deep X 72½ high
8 Acrylic Tubes

This rack allows you to choose from 30 regular round face bins or 25 split bins!
Regular bin units include: 
  • (30) 7½ round faced candy bins w/ 30 scoops and assembly
    • This is 5 Rows of 6 (7 1/2" wide) regular bins.  
  • Includes 3 decorative panels w/ your choice of design
  • Includes (8) 14½ decorative towers
    • Optional Tube Inserts Available
Split bin units include: 
  • (25) 9 round faced candy bins w/ 25 scoops and assembly
    • This is 5 Rows of 5 (9" wide) Split bins.  
  • Includes 3 decorative panels w/ your choice of design
  • Includes (8) 14½ decorative towers
    • Optional Tube Inserts Available
Don't forget to order Candy Tube Inserts- they look like real product at a fraction of the cost - and no refilling (saves on product waste)

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