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Abba-Zaba's Sour Blueberry Taffy -24ct

Abba-Zaba's Sour Blueberry Taffy -24ct

Part Number:82403-34996 Price $36.48
  • Awesome Blueberry Taste
  • Sour And Chewy Candy
The Abba-Zaba's Sour Blueberry Taffy offers a great sour flavored taffy to the chewy candy family. Available in both sour strawberry and this great blueberry option, make sure to offer these delightful wholesale candies in your store. A little sticky but packed with great taste blueberry taffy is a must have in your shop for customers to enjoy. When you are looking for sweet treats that will be a hit for those who love sour, try this blueberry candy. Order yours today!

  • 24 Count
  • 1.08 Ounces Each
  • Sour Blueberry Flavor

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