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Acrylic Bins On Candy Rack
Candy Rack With Scoop Bins and Gravity Bins

Candy Concepts offers a comprehensive line of acrylic bins and containers for display options. Acrylic containers are necessary for dispensing unwrapped candy and bulk food products. Clear storage bins create a nice clean line to the eye as well as providing completely unhindered viewing of the candy within. Sort your products with these acrylic organizers for a neat and orderly line-up of sweets. Arrange by color, design, or flavor using acrylic bins and acrylic drawers. 
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  • Candy Jars
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  • Slatwall Containers
Many Health Departments require acrylic candy containers to sell unwrapped candy, bulk candy dispensers are top notch for holding all those candies. Select from a large variety of scoop bins, divided bins, candy jars, and stackable drawers. With all the available options for your candy shop you can choose whichever best fits your unique needs. If you are in the mood for something a little different for your store and want to maximize space, we have adapted slatwall containers available. Whether you have space for a large candy display or a small display we have the products to get you started. Order yours today.

Customer Testimonials:
"I received the acrylic bins and I just wanted you to know they are perfect! Thank you so much!"
Jennie K.
Hairy Winston Pet Boutique And Grocery
Mt. Pleasant, SC
"We bought 45 of these bins for our candy and couldn't be happier. They work great"
Joshua Looney
Sweet Tooth Ice Cream & Candy Shoppe