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Acrylic Containers for Slatwalls allow for endless possibilities for displays. A full wall of candy, toys, and other trinkets is fascinating for children. Fill it up and enjoy their wide-eyed wonder!
Acrylic Candy Containers - Candy Concepts Inc
Lulu's Candy Jar, Cleveland, OH.  (Photos by H. Brehmer)
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Acrylic Slatwall Cube - 4 In
Acrylic Slatwall Cube - 6 Inch
Acrylic Slatwall Cube - 8 Inch
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Acrylic Divided Slatwall Tray
Acrylic Divider Bin - 13.5 in.
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Acrylic Divider Bin 16 in.
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Acrylic Tray For Slatwall