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General Store Displays - Wood Barrel - Wood Tubs - Wood Buckets

Wood Barrels And Wood Baskets Filled With Candy
      Wood Barrels And Wooden Baskets Filled With Candy

  • Customized Barrels
  • Wood Buckets
  • Wooden Barrel Displays
  • Natural Finish Barrels
  • False Bottom Barrels
  • Wooden Tubs
Wooden barrel displays will create a charming general store effect in your establishment. General store displays take customers back to a time when life was simpler and more relaxed. Wood shaped barrels filled with nostalgic candy from the past will be sure to send customers down memory lane. Check out our Solid Bushel Baskets, Space-saving barrel shelves, and False Bottom Displays with a cut out front. Give them an environment that will encourage patrons to take the time to really examine your products in order to stimulate higher sales with these exciting wooden barrel products.  

Use wooden barrels to exhibit deliciously tempting saltwater taffy and other tasty wrapped candies. Finally, give your customers something to write home about by draping brightly colored cloths in false bottom barrel displays beneath your product to create a bright and cheery arrangement. Don't delay, order today.