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Party favors, candy bins, and mini baskets are more or less impulse buys at times. Create a desire and need for these keepsake containers and bins, then create the "I gotta have this for my wedding or my baby shower" attraction. Once you have that audience, offer the one-stop-shop motto like what are you able to include in the gift boxes, what type of candy for the bins, which type of trinkets for the treasure chests will the customers want most. 

The collectible favors from these parties, whether its a baby shower, wedding, or an anniversary will last forever in the hearts of the ones whom they came from. Let us help keep your event stress-free by offering you our buy here pay here one-stop-shopping.
  • Mini Candy Bins
  • Double Decker Mini Candy Bins
  • Baby Blocks Favors Boxes
  • Silver Plated Mini Treasure Chest
Memories are all we have from parties like baby showers, weddings, and such. Besides to say "Thank You" this is the general reason we offer party favors when we have special events occurring in our lives; to keep the memories going. Offering products for special occasions are heart felt. Putting more heart into your products customers feel and sense that when they are shopping in your store. That means they feel welcome, which means they will be back and they will be bringing back new people. Hey word of mouth advertising is worth more today than the billboard sales. So give us a try and order your keepsakes and party favors from us today.
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Drawer Wood Boxes - 6ct
Wine Hinged Pine Box - 6ct
Not for Sale
10.5 oz Medium Clear Box - 48ct
10.5 oz Medium Clear Box - 72ct
4.5 oz Short Square Clear Box - 24ct
Not for Sale
4.5 oz Short Square Clear Box - 48ct
Not for Sale
Clear Shaped Candy Box - 24ct
Clear Shaped Candy Box - 48ct
Clear Shaped Candy Box - 72ct
Clear Gift Box - 12ct
Clear Gift Box - 48ct
Clear Apple Candy Container - 12ct
Not for Sale
Clear Apple Candy Container - 48ct
Not for Sale
Clear Apple Candy Container - 72ct
Not for Sale
Boat Candy Box - 24ct
Boat Candy Box - 48ct
Airplane Candy Box - 72ct
Airplane Candy Box - 24ct
Airplane Candy Box - 48ct
Car Candy Box - 24ct
Car Candy Box - 48ct
Car Candy Box - 72ct
Train Candy Box - 24ct
Train Candy Box - 48ct
Train Candy Box - 72ct
Rocking Horse Candy Box - 24ct
Rocking Horse  Candy Box - 48ct
Rocking Horse Candy Box - 72ct
Piggy Bank Candy Box - 24ct
Piggy Bank Candy Box - 48ct
Piggy Bank Candy Box - 72ct
Bear Candy Box - 24ct
Bear Candy Box - 48ct
Bear Candy Box - 72ct
Diamond Shaped Candy Box - 24ct
Diamond Shaped Candy Box - 48ct
Diamond Shaped Candy Box - 72ct
Heart Shaped Candy Box - 24ct
Heart Shaped Candy Box - 48ct
Heart Shaped Candy Box - 72ct
Star Shaped Candy Box - 24ct
Star Shaped Candy Box - 48ct
Star Shaped Candy Box - 72ct
Boat Candy Box - 72ct
13.5 oz Mini Candy Bin - 12ct
13.5 oz Mini Candy Bin - 72ct
5.5 oz Mini Candy Bin - 24ct
Average Rating(1)
Not for Sale
5.5 oz Mini Candy Container - 48ct
Not for Sale
5.5 oz Mini Candy Bin - 144ct
Not for Sale
25 oz Mini Candy Bin - 12ct
Average Rating(4)
25 oz Mini Candy Bin - 48ct
Mini Wood Baskets - 18ct