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Black Honeycomb Riser Kit - 6 Piece

Black Honeycomb Riser Kit - 6 Piece

Part Number:82802-018 Price $696.30
Retail Price:$1,035.00 Savings:$338.70(33%)
  • Different Height Riser Set
  • Elegant Buffet Riser
  • Sound Investment
Adding a 6 Piece Black Honeycomb Riser Kit to your inventory is a sound investment! From retail stores to buffets to centerpieces, this riser kit will get any display noticed. The black matte powder coated stainless steel finish will highlight virtually any item. Use at wedding receptions or dinner banquets to add dimension to your edible displays! Invest in your kit today!

  • Hexagon Centerpiece 6-Piece Set
  • Black Matte Powder Coated Stainless Steel
  • Black Tempered Glass hexagon surfaces
  • Kit Includes one each: 
    • Small Honeycomb™ Riser
    • Medium Honeycomb™ Riser
    • Large Honeycomb™ Riser
    • Small Black Tempered Glass
    • Medium Black Tempered Glass
    • Large Black Tempered Glass

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