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Brown Candy For Buffet

When you think candy you don't tend to think of the color brown. Ironically one of the most popular candies created is brown. Chocolate is sweet, decadent, delicious, and just about its own food group for most of us. Now that you are drooling at the thought of scrumptious chocolate take a minute and peek at the other wholesale candy that comes in the neutral color of brown. Root beer flavored candies, creamy caramel in all its varieties along with maple, espresso and more taste sensations. Still craving that wonderful chocolate? Then by all means take a few minutes to wander through our many chocolate selections.

Candy by color is a prevalent way of celebrating. Wedding candy bars, favors, team parties, birthdays, and the list goes on and on. Use the brown display candy alone or combine with one of our other color groups for a bigger bang. Whatever your choice you are going to love the smiles on every ones faces as they dig into this treasure chest of candy fun!

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Maple Nut Goodies - 7lbs
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Chocolate Gummi Bears - 9lbs
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