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Pails with Chalkboards - Bright Mini Pails - Decorative Tubs
Buckets and Pails

Adding unique to your retail store is a positive! Unique means something no one else has in their store. People love parties and they love to decorate for those parties. Offer them the opportunity to stand above the rest by adding style and creating with color and class.  Organizing and being organized for students and teachers are other great motivational uses for decorative buckets and pails. Don't forget moms! Mom you can use these in your child's room for their toys, crayons, and in other various area's throughout the household. Are you a gift giver? Create a stylish gift basket for him or her for birthday's,  mom & pop's special day. Fill with bath suds and soaps, car detergents and sponges, meal making potlucks and so much more. Ideas and possibilities are endless.
  • Pastel Pails
  • Mini Bright Pails
  • Metal Pots w/Chalkboards
  • Galvanized Wash Basins & Pans

Adding color and style into your decor is like adding it to your life. It brightens up, not only yourself, but the world and people around you. The same goes for being organized, clean and neat. Having the containers to do this with makes all the difference in the world. Being exclusive with what your inventory is in your retail store makes you stand out above the rest. In doing so, customers come to you "the retailer" more often than other stores looking for that one special uniquely appealing merchandise for their special occasion. Both the customers and the retailers are happy in the final outcome. Check us out and order yours today.

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