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Bulk nuts sales may peak during the holidays, but they will remain strong year round when you carry a variety and place in a convenient place. Trail mixes and party mixes are extremely tasty and will delight even the finickiest customer. Choose from a variety of wholesale snacks that will keep your store stocked with everyone's favorite! Customers will purchase daily for a healthy snack and will also buy for parties to augment their offerings with something unique.

Sunflowers are a delicious treat anytime of day but when you add a coating of chocolate, topped with a candy coating now this seed is elevated to an event! Keep sunburts on hand to snack on this one of a kind snack anytime. Pretzels and jerky are favorites when it comes to munchies so take a look at all the varieties of both that we offer for you. Your mouth is sure to water! Whether you want to offer mammoth pecans, mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, or other snack foods, you will find it here. Wholesale prices and consumer demand makes these products a real winner.

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Lemon Crème Almonds - 5lbs
All Nut Bridge Mix 1lb - 18ct
Italian Almonds 1lb - 18ct
Sugar Free Raisins 1lb - 18ct
Sugar Free Peanuts 1lb - 18ct
Party Mix - Salted - 20lbs
Energy Mix - Raw - No Salt - 20lbs
Marathon Mix - Salted - 20lbs
California Mix - No Salt - 20lbs
No Salt Tropical Blend - 20lbs
Salted Cajun Kicker - 20lbs
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Fish Bowl Mix - Salted - 20lbs
Fancy Cashews - 15lbs
Virginia Blanched Peanuts - 15lbs
Fancy Almonds - 15lbs
Yogurt Pretzel Twists - 10lbs
Big Bear Crunch 8oz - 16ct
Big Bear Crunch - 1lb - 16ct
Rocky Mountain Crunch 8oz - 16ct
Irish Crunch 8oz - 16ct
Irish Crunch 1lb - 16ct
Peanut Butter Crunch 8oz - 16ct
Peanut Butter Crunch 1lb - 16ct
Coffee Crunch 8oz - 16ct
Coffee Crunch 1lb - 16ct
Maple Pecan Crunch - 1lb - 16ct
Caramel Corn - 1lb - 16ct