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Candy Buffet Package

Candy Buffet Package

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Everyone loves a celebration! Birthday parties and wedding receptions are just the beginning of the fun that you can have with candy buffets. Create a memorable set up with this Candy Buffet Package. Glass apothecary jars are beautiful on their own, but once you add the candy, you have a display that can't be beat. A complete package includes nine glass jars of varying sizes and your choice of candy to fill them with that is listed below. If you love the idea of an easy set up, you're in the right place. Our sweet treat jars are sure to be a hit with your guest and customers. Once you are done with your special occasion, put these storage containers to good use by adding dry goods like coffee, pinto beans and more.

Old fashioned candy buffets are near extinction. Keep the trend going for years to come by having the right table candy and display containers in place. Now that you know your jars are going to be show stopping, decide which of the candy treats you would like to include with this order. We are here to help you with anything for this package so you can focus on the fun of your event, not the stress of planning! Order yours today and look forward to hearing from us to complete your choices for this order!

Complete kit includes:
  • 9 Glass Jars
  • 90 Pounds Of Candy
    • Serves About 360 People
Candy Buffet Table Set:  

(9) Glass Jars:
  • 13" High Apothecary Jar
  • 16.5" High Apothecary Jar
  • 12" High Apothecary Jar
  • 9.5" High Apothecary Jar - 2 count
  • 22.5" High Apothecary Jar
  • 3 Piece Set - 8.5" - 6" - 4.75" High

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Allow 2-3 weeks, NO Rush Orders.

We reserve the right to substitute candy based on availability.
Place your order today, we will call you to take your color/candy choices and complete the order.
Or call our Candy Color Coordinator at 1-866-242-7585

Candy Choices:

  • Gummi Bears - 10#'S
  • Gummi Rings - 9#'s
  • Jelly Bellys - 10#'s
  • Jelly Fruit Slices - 10#'s
  • 7" Licorice Twists - 12#'s
  • Sixlets - 10#'s
  • Rock Candy - 10#'s
  • Sixlets - Shimmer/Metalic - 9 Colors - 10#'s
  • Stick Candy - 25 flavors/colors - 80ct
  • Malted Milk Balls - Skinny Dippers- 10#'s
  • Mini Dark Choc. White Nonpareils - 10#'s
  • Mini Dark Choc. Rainbow Nonpareils - 10#'s
  • Yogurt Covered Animal Crackers - White - 10#'s
  • Chocolate Covered Animal Crackers - 10#'s
  • Yogurt Coated Mini Pretzels - 10#'s

Choosing The Best Wedding Buffet Jars

It seems as if there is a new hot trend for weddings every year and none of them seems to hang on for very long. However, one trend that has popped up in recent years that shows no sign of slowing down is the wedding candy buffet. The trick to making this fun idea work well at any wedding is choosing the perfect wedding buffet jars.

When any girl is engaged, one of the first things she starts to think about are her wedding colors. With that in mind, many brides like to choose only candy that matches the colors they have picked out for their wedding décor. However, a bride that wants to use multi-colored candies can keep her color scheme in line by choosing jars that are custom made to match her wedding.

Since so much effort will go into making a wedding look perfect, it would be a shame to ruin it with a messy candy table. Be sure to choose containers that have wide, open mouths that make it easy for guests to scoop out whichever treat they like best. If the budget allows, consider purchasing a few gravity bins, which will greatly reduce the risk of spills.

Choosing the perfect wedding buffet jars is just as important as choosing any other detail of the big day. Some couples like to match the candy to the décor, while others will have custom colored containers to show off their tasty treats. Choose jars that can be customized for the couple and turn the buffet into a delicious party favor! 

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