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Chocolate With Candy Coating

Sweet covered goodness! These Candy Coated Chocolates are jewels in the candy world. Whatever reason you’re looking for colored candy, whether for seasonal or special events, this candy is right for you. There is a wide variety of candies that fall under this category. 
  • Jordan Almonds
  • Reeses Pieces
  • Chocolate Rocks & Sea Shells
  • Coated Sunflower Seeds
  • Sixlets 
  • M&M Candy
Candy coated chocolate is a success where ever they are used. Chocolate is a great choice for so many events and these delightful covered candies are perfect for weddings, birthdays and even as a topping for candy buffets, ice cream, and yogurt toppings. Get your colorful coated candies in the whole spectrum from assorted to white. Show your creative side by matching to your special parties, events and gatherings. 

Stock your candy shop with a wide range of bulk coated candy. Customers are going to love the array of choices and always come back for more. Purchasing bulk candy saves you time and money, buy your charming accessories now.
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Wedding Party Drops - 15lbs
Birthday Party Drops - 15lbs
M&M's Mini's Mega Tubes - 24ct
Margarita Cordials - 5lbs
M&M White Chocolate - 24ct
Plain M&M Candies - 36ct
Sixlets Jawbreakers - 24ct
Chocolate Beach Seashells - 3lbs
Average Rating(1)
Chocolate Beach Seashells - 24lbs
Pastel Jordon Almonds - 30lbs
Dark Chocolate Nonpareils - 26lbs
M&M's Dark - 19.2lbs
Gourmet  Mint Chocolates - 10lbs
Average Rating(1)
M&M's Dark - 6lbs
M&M's Mini - 25lbs
M & M's Regular - 25lbs
Average Rating(1)
Peanut M&M's - 25lbs
Reese's Pieces - 25lbs
Blue Chocolate Gems -15lbs
Turquoise Chocolate Gems- 15lbs
Average Rating(1)
Powder Blue Chocolate Gems- 15lbs
Purple Chocolate Gems -15lbs
Lavender Chocolate Gems - 15lbs
Yellow Chocolate Gems -15lbs
Orange Chocolate Gems -15lbs
Red Chocolate Gems -15lbs
Pink Chocolate Gems -15lbs
Light Green Chocolate Gems -15lbs
Dark Green Chocolate Gems -15lbs
Kelly Green Chocolate Gems - 15lbs
Black Chocolate Gems- 15lbs
White Chocolate Gems -15lbs
Chocolate Rocks - 30lbs
Average Rating(1)
Yogurt Peanuts - 25lbs