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 Acrylic Candy Containers add a flavorful flair
When attracting sales for candy and other bulk foods, you need the right container that offers style and is durable enough to withstand every day uses. Acrylic storage bins may seem to be a big expense at first, but adding a quality container takes the need away from finding replacements as often as other types of clear acrylic storage bins.

Whatever shape or size you need, there are plenty of choices for you to consider. Angled-Cut Top Container is not only visually appealing, but creates an outstanding display for your bulk candy, coffee beans and more. These clear candy bins come in four different sizes giving your patrons options. Have a Small Bakery Bin sitting at your check out counter advertising wrapped candy bars or bulk candies, or on a breakfast buffet filled with fresh made rolls, danishes and more. Keep your shop appearing stocked at all times with our False-Front Acrylic Bins, they keep your shelves looking complete no matter how much merchandise you have in these storage cases. Include a little fun in your exhibit of bulk dry goods by adding one of our Two Foot Tall Extra Large Candy Bin or the Large Candy Bin With Acrylic Tubes. Height and size is just what you need to get your merchandise noticed above all others. These are only a few of what we have to offer, check out our other options we have in stock while supplies last.
An acrylic candy bin is a great way to showcase unwrapped and dry bulk goods to your customers. Acrylic dispensers also meet the requirements of most health departments sanitation rules so you can be in compliance while still having an attractive display option. Most FDA approved storage acrylic boxes are scratch proof, withstand over time and do not change in color with age like other materials. Create the sweet candy wonderland that everyone wants to return to. When you purchase your candy and food bins from Candy Concepts Inc you potentially increase some very important factors that keep your business flourishing like customer base, profits and faithfully returning patrons. Come and check it out today! 
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