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Candy Peg Bags are the perfect choice for your retail establishment. These pegged bags of candy offer convenience and the right amount of proportioned candy in each popular and fun themed bag plus it keeps your display looking organized. Not only that, it is easy to restock merchandise and keep your customer's happy and fulfilled. Peg bagged candy comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that are loaded with various types of delicious candy such as tasty gummies, delicious Jelly Belly Jelly Beans to fun and popular fizzy candies and more. Some are tantalizing sour bites and some are loaded in Vitamin C, which may be a healthier solution to eating candy. These peg candy bags also come with various characters such as Superman, Frozen's Queen Elsa and Olaf, and Angry Birds. Ideal for themed birthday parties. Take a look at the variations of types of candy included in this category.

  • Fun Flavored Jelly Beans
  • Old Fashioned Candy Drops
  • Licorice
  • Gummies
  • Assorted Zotz

Who doesn't love jelly belly jelly beans with one of the popular superheroes or Disney character at their birthday party? Why not try some of our gummies with the Angry Birds too. Add a variety of pegged candy bags in all types of styles and variation in your retail establishment. The hole in the top of the bag is ideal for hanging on hooks at your countertop or on your pegboard or slatwall retail displays. Perfect for creating an impulse display of popular and fun themed candies. Customer's love easy access to your products and how organized they are exhibited. So keep your grab and go candy display appearing organized with these candy peg bags. Order your prepackaged peg candy today!

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My Little Pony Pop Ups Blister Pack - 6ct
Not for Sale
Hi-Chew Cherry Berry Peg Bag - 6ct
Not for Sale
Gummy Berries Bag - 12ct
Gummy Peaches Bag - 12ct
Gummy Frogs Bag - 12ct
Gummy Cola Bag - 12ct
Gummy Smurfs Bag - 12ct
ICEE Cotton Candy - 12ct
Kids Mix Peg Bag   - 12ct
Sours Peg Bag  - 12ct