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Chocolate Cow Tales  - 100ct - In A Tumbler Display

Chocolate Cow Tales - 100ct - In A Tumbler Display

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  • Favorite Candy
  • Fun Display Option
Chocolate caramel and cream sticks are what we instantly recognize as Chocolate Cow Tales. When you order these chocolate caramels they also come with a free tumbler that is decorated with chocolate cow tale artwork. This tumbler makes for a really fun and different display choice! Place on your counter top right next to your register for an impulse item, put there alone or place the original vanilla and strawberry cow tale tumblers as well so customers can choose their favorite flavor as they ring up their other purchases.

These are delicious chocolate caramels wrapped around a creamy center, cow tales are a longer version of the traditional chocolate caramel creams. Ingredients include wholesome wheat flour, milk and cream, this chocolate candy is naturally lower in fats, sodium and they are cholesterol free. Make sure to place these in your cart today!

  • 6 ½” Long
  • 100 Cow Tales
  • Low in fat
  • Low in sodium
  • Cholesterol free
  • 1 Tumbler

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