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Classic Bamboo Gridwall Gondola

Classic Bamboo Gridwall Gondola

Part Number:82304-7248-48G Price $496.96
A unique gridwall display is one of a kind and versatile! Original bamboo poles are used to build this classic gondola. The bamboo gondola is an excellent piece to use for theme display. The six individual panels are made from two foot by six foot bamboo pieces.These bamboo fixtures are sent in sections and to allow for easy installation. A merchandiser made from bamboo is a combination of beauty and strength that creates a remarkable display. Get yours today!


  • Consists of six pieces of  2' x 6'  bamboo grid panels.
  • Blend the strength and beauty of bamboo to create one of the most unique display product in the market
  • Bamboo Gridwall Gondola fixture.
  • Comes in sections, easy installation.
  • Use our all natural bamboo grid accessories or any standard gridwall accessories in the market.
  • Optional casters can be added to the base for easy moving for spot display.

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