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Clear Tubes With Gold Caps - 6x1.5 - 432ct

Clear Tubes With Gold Caps - 6x1.5 - 432ct

Part Number:82601-83811506 Price $645.79
2 - 3
  • Clear View Of Products
  • Distinctive Display
Stack up for profits! People get tired of the same old thing and tend to lose interest fast, you need something a little left of the usual to grab their attention sometimes. Here is just the ticket! Clear Tubes With Golden Caps create a way to showcase with a fun twist and you will surely grab their eye with this. A crystal clear, seamlessly formed plastic tube that is capped on both ends with gold metal lids to be filled with so many different candies and other items! 

Plastic Candy Tubes
Creative use of these plastic tubes. 

  • 6"L x 1 1/2"D
  • 432 Per Case
  • Capped on either end with gold metal lids.
  • Tubes are cut to length with a laser so they do not have smooth rounded corners
  • End caps are made to be slightly snug for a tight seal
    • They may require a little effort to be removed
  • Great for displaying items that need a tight seal and that can be quickly viewed
  • Actual usable space is 1/2" to 1" less than length indicated
    • Depending on the diameter of the tube size (larger tubes have larger caps)

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