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Cool White Fairy Moon Lights - 4' - 3ct

Cool White Fairy Moon Lights - 4' - 3ct

Your Price: $21.27
Part Number:82200-DRMOON-104
  • Perfect For Wedding Accent Lighting
  • Battery Operated & Included
  • Available In Other Colors
Need a little extra sparkle for your centerpieces or home decor? Cool White Fairy Moon Lights does just that! Intertwine these beautiful cool white silver wire accent lights to any floral display, centerpieces, potted plants, and even table runners at home, in your office or for your wedding celebrations! It adds the right amount of sophistication and ambiance to your decor. Order yours today!

  • Indoor grade
  • 12 LED bulbs
  • 4 Feet of thin silver wire with cool white LED lights secured to it
  • Great Cool white glow for any event
  • 2" x 0.8" x 0.25" battery pack can be easily hid
  • 2 CR2032 coin cell batteries 
  • *Batteries are included & Replaceable

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