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Corn Dogs And Corn Dog Equipment

Come and get your corn dog equipment and drive your sales and clientele up! Equipment for making stick dogs, hot dog on a stick, and corn dog sticks is a great investment for your restaurant, snack bar, and concession stand. Whether you plan to bake or fry your snack food, we have the right restaurant equipment to serve delicious and tantalizing foods.

Select the best corn dog machine that's right for you. Choose from commercial apparatus's that either bake or fry your foods and one that runs off electric or is gas powered. Select the machine that fits your products, know if you desire to make regular sized or foot long corn dogs. Either way, we have you covered! Don't forget to add the appropriate sized fry baskets and the corn dog batter containers. Expand your menu further with selecting the perfect cooking machine. Allow your business to make popular items like French Fries, Funnel Cakes, Shrimp Rolls, Fried Veggies plus so much more. Gain more attention and attract patrons by adding our "Corn Dog" sign. It features florescent neon backlit illuminations. Market those stick dogs with flair. The potential and possibilities are endless when it comes to serving up great products. Have the right furnishings and menu in place before you start and be ready to roll.

The right cooking equipment and supplies will propel your business. Lead the way with higher profits when you provide a larger range of choices to your customers. Advertise your business with style and finesse that only the world of potential clients will grasps. Get the green light and purchase your corn dog concession equipment from Candy Concepts Inc today!

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Corn Dogs Lighted Sign