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Custom Acrylic Bins

Custom Acrylic Candy Bins

Made to Order Acrylic Designs! Have an idea for an acrylic container? Need smaller or larger display bins? Custom acrylic fabrication is just what you need. Take the hands on approach and design your next candy container or display box. You’ll have a gorgeous display and be able to take pride in the fact that you created the acrylic design.

Choose your dimensions, thickness and the kind of base for your custom made container. Whether you want large or small candy containers, stacking, or gravity dispensers, they can be designed to fit your needs.  

Here are some other features to decide on for your fabricated acrylic container:
  • Lids and what type? The possibilities are endless, from hinged lids, magnetic lids, a lift off lid or none at all.
  • Handles or knobs to make moving and refilling easier
  • Scoop Holders or pour spouts to help control portion sizes.
The clear acrylic dispenser has many uses in stores and other businesses. Utilize them as candy containers, yogurt topping dispensers, snack food bins, bakery cases and for storing smaller novelty type items. Although there are many containers for sale, acrylic fabrication allows you to have your own unique and innovative merchandise display. Call to start fabricating your acrylic design today!

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