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Customized Barrels

Custom Made Wood Barrels

Let Us Have Your Attention Please! With custom made barrels your customers are sure to stop and take a look. Wood barrel displays will add a touch of country charm anywhere in your place of business. Customized wood barrels are an excellent choice for displaying everything from old fashion candy to novelty items. Metal banded barrels add a distinct look to your display area. 

Made to order barrels will allow you to add your own personal touch to your retail store and when you add your own sense of style customers will take notice and remember your business. The wooden barrel displays are available in different sizes to accommodate and make the most of  your retail space. Choose your custom wood barrel with a false bottom or maybe even with legs or add a logo. No matter which style you choose you can make it your new trademark and get the attention you deserve. Purchase today!

Barrel sizes available:

•12"D x 19"H•14"D x 23"H
•16"D x 27"H•18"D x 30"H
  • Custom color match finishes available with a smooth or rough surface texture.
*Metal banded barrels are custom and require a minimum order of 35 or more.
*Custom sizes available