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Dark Chocolate Malt Balls 1lb - 20ct

Dark Chocolate Malt Balls 1lb - 20ct

Part Number:82918-182 Price $190.03
  • Popular Candy For Events
  • Melts In Your Mouth
Dark Chocolate Malt Balls are so delicious your customers will beg for more! Twenty - one pound bags of these amazing dark chocolates with malted milk centers that melt in your mouth and their taste leaves you yearning for more. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, so enjoy delicious flavored candy in a healthier way. Order your dark chocolate treat today. Also available in 8-ounce bags.

Other Flavor Options:
  • 20 Count
  • 1 Pound Each = 20 Pounds
  • Malted milk ball center 
  • Coated in dark chocolate

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