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Dark Chocolate Mint Squares - 10lbs

Dark Chocolate Mint Squares - 10lbs

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  • Perfectly Square Shaped
  • Delicious & Refreshing
Looking for a refreshing chocolate mint just like after dinner mints? Try our Dark Chocolate Mint Squares! They are purely pleasing to the palate any time of the day or night to kids and adults of all ages. Eye catching to the eyes because of their layers. Dark chocolate on the bottom with a creamy mint filling, then topped with dark chocolate again on the top. This package comes with two 5 lb bags. Hurry up and order your refreshing gourmet chocolates today!


  • 10 pounds
  • 2-5 pound bags
  • Layered Dark Chocolate
  • Mint Center
  • Square Shaped
  • Approximately 10 pieces per pound

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