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Deluxe Cotton Candy Maker

Deluxe Cotton Candy Maker

Your Price: $1,902.15
Part Number:82909-93008SS
A Deluxe Cotton Candy Maker will surely boost your sales. Place this concession equipment in your business and whip up five 1 ounce servings per minute!


  • Deluxe Stainless Steel Whirlwind with Lotta Volts System.
  • A large fixed transformer and variable transformer give you pin point heat control in the boost or buck range.
  • Four brushes for longer brass life.
  • Makes approximately 5 one oz. servings per minute.
  • All cabinets size 14"W x 22"D x 9"H (35x55x23 cm) -- 19" to the top of 25" ID
  • Aluminum Floss Pan (included).
  • 3516 watts
  • 25 amps
  • 120 volts
  • 60HZ.
  • Two Year Parts Warranty.

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