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Candy Display Table- Candy Concepts Inc
Lulu's Candy Jar, Cleveland, OH.  (Photos by H. Brehmer)

Short or tall, wide or slim, round or rectangular? No matter the shape or size, we have the Display Tables you need for your retail store. Tables are an essential part of creating displays that will draw the eyes of your patrons. We have wooden tables that can match the ambiance you have in place. A traditional 3 Tiered Display Table gives plenty of product visibility and utilizes vertical space. Want to create an edgy, modern look in your electronics or clothing store? Try this Clear Acrylic Table.

Need a table display that can be the focal point for your store? This Acrylic Bistro Table can be filled with candy or other small items. Fill up the retail display table with Jelly Bellys and have contests to guess how many are inside the table. This will keep kids busy for awhile while mom and dad shop!
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