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Double Sided Wire Candy Rack

Double Sided Wire Candy Rack

Part Number:82913-92581 Price $142.49
Includes 16 Peg Hooks
6 Inch Peg Hooks
This Double Sided Wire Candy Rack is designed to create a 360 view so that your customers can easily peruse your merchandise on both sides. Double the viewing area on this candy rack will allow you to display more variety which will increase sales, meaning more profits for you. The metal candy display is ideal for high traffic areas in your store. Built with shelves as well as pegs, this store fixture allows you display everything from boxed treats to hanging bags. Set up this rack today in your business to exhibit your products with double impact. Purchase today!

  • 2' Wide x 4' High Grid Panel L-Legs 
  • 16 - 6" Peg Hooks
Two Each: 
  • 6.5" Deep Shelf
  • 8" Deep Shelf
  • 10" Deep Shelf
  • 12" Deep Shelf

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