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Extra Large Candy Bin With Acrylic Tube
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Extra Large Candy Bin With Acrylic Tube

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  • Draw A Crowd With This Unique Fixture
  • Fabulous Acrylic Display
Profits will go up and up when you employ these Extra Large Candy Bin with acrylic tube to showcase your finest candies, popcorn, nuts, snack mixes or other bulk edibles. Tube bins offer the flexibility of an acrylic bin with the convenience of a gravity bin to make things easier for you and the customer. Customers will find products easy to reach and you will find that you spend less time refilling. Place several in an attractive arrangement and watch as sales take off into outer space. As well as being durable and of high quality these large candy dispensers are American made. Show your support and order today.

  • The bin is 12" wide x 14" deep x 12" high
  • The attached tube is 6 diameter and 30" high
    • Overall height of display is 41"
  • Fully functional tubes
  • Tubes are removable for easy cleaning
  • Holds 15 - 30 pounds of candying depending on density
  • Pictured with (1000) 1" gumballs (22 pounds)

Do you need bulk candy displays?  If you sell a large amount of candy, then the answer is yes.  There are a variety of considerations to take into account when choosing a bulk candy fixture for your store. Read on for more insight into choosing the right bulk fixtures for your store.
Because they have the capacity to display such large amounts of candy, candy store bulk displays work wonders for store owners who experience high volumes of traffic and might not have much time to dedicate to frequently restocking their candy displays.

Before you decide you’re going to create such a display (or two) for your store, however, check out the three tips listed below, which are designed to both help you determine whether such displays are right for your store and, if they are, how to get started creating them.

Tip #1: Be sure you sell the right candy for your bulk display.

The first tip to consider when you want to create bulk candy displays is to make sure you have the right kind of candy for the display. Actually, whether or not you CAN create a bulk display depends on the kinds of candy you sell. Bulk displays are designed to showcase a large quantity of product, and if you don’t receive enough traffic in your store to quickly sell that product, it’s best to choose candy that will stay fresh for long periods of time.

As the owner or manager of a candy store, chances are high that you sell at least one or two kinds of candy that would work well as part of a bulk display. Take inventory of those products, and use that knowledge to help you decide which kinds of bulk display fixtures would work best for your displays and how many of those fixtures you’ll need. (See below)

Tip #2: Browse the varieties of candy store bulk fixtures.

In order to create bulk candy displays, you need to obtain candy fixtures in bulk. Without bulk fixtures, how else can you display bulk products?

You’re probably already well aware of the numerous kinds of merchandise display fixtures available; they task is to find the ones that will work best with your store and your product. It’s best to shop around with a variety of wholesalers to get a good sense of the kinds of fixtures available to you, and perhaps even find special prices you can take advantage of.

Tip #3: Pay attention to your customers’ reactions.

As with any kind of merchandise display, it’s important to pay attention to your customers’ reactions to your bulk candy displays.

Such things to look for include how convenient the displays are for your customers (do your customers seem to be able to access the candy easily?), how the display’s location affects your customers’ accessibility (do they seem to have to inconveniently maneuver around other displays just to get to the bulk display?), and how quickly the merchandise sells (do your customers seem to enjoy the products in the display, or do they ignore the candy in favor of other showcases?).

Because your customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing (without it, you’d make no sales and have no business!), it’s crucial to pay attention to their reactions to any kind of product or display and respond accordingly.
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