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Female Jersey Full Form White

Female Jersey Full Form White

Part Number:82913-60184 Price $109.28
Exceptional Adult Jersey Forms are constructed of molded polyurethane. Each form features a white jersey material and is easily pinnable to keep clothes in place. Use for tailoring or for store/window displays. The Jersey Forms have a natural wood disc base and finial and are fully height adjustable from 8 1/2 in. to 21 in. Available in male or female, our mannequins have a unique split leg design has 2 holes in the bottom to allow for dressing with pants or skirts! Ordering is easy, just click to add to your cart.

  • Size 8
  • Bust 34 ½”
  • Waist 24 ½”
  • Hips 35”
  • Height 28 ½”
  • Height adjustable from 8 ½” to 21”

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