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Finding Dory Chocolate Surprise - 36ct

Finding Dory Chocolate Surprise - 36ct

Part Number:82403-35404 Price $104.90
  • Delicious Chocolate Ball
  • Contains Toy Inside
Collect each and every one of these Finding Dory Chocolate Surprise treats. Inside the box you will find a yummy chocolate ball to enjoy then once the candy is gone you are left with a finding dory themed toy inside. This lasting keepsake comes in an assortment so customers will be sure to want to collect them all. A top notch novelty candy anytime of year so make sure to place it in a prominent placement in your shop. 0.7 ounces each and a display of thirty six is sure to make for many happy customers. Order yours today!

  • 36 Count
  • 0.7 Ounces Each
  • Milk Chocolate With Toy Surprise

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