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Fish Bowls

Plastic Fish Bowl - Glass Fish Bowl - Drum Fish Bowl - Round Fish Bowl - Color Fish Bowl

Fish bowls work well for displaying many types of merchandise such as candy and personal items. Used in retail locations such as convenience stores, supermarkets, and personal care shops, these versatile fish bowl containers work well for any situation.

Fill With Candy

Whether you choose a glass fish bowl or plastic fish bowls customers can clearly see the products available to them. Add a personal touch to your display when you use colored fish bowls or a logo fish bowl

In addition, restaurant owners are now taking notice of this hot item and using them to serve trendy fish bowl cocktails. Fill these round containers and watch customers empty them out. Want something different? Try a hexagon container.  Claim Yours Today! 

A Fish Bowl can also be used as plastic tip jar
Cookie jar fish bowls are the most popular tip jars in use today!

Cocktail Containers
Cocktail Containers
Cookie Jar Fish Bowls
Cookie Jar Fish Bowls
Drum Fish Bowls
Drum Fish Bowls
Glass Fish Bowls
Glass Fish Bowls
Logo Fish Bowls
Logo Fish Bowls
Round Fish Bowls
Round Fish Bowls

There Are Many Uses For Plastic Fish Bowls

When most people look at plastic fish bowls, their mind does not go far past the goldfish that they may have kept as pets when they were children. However, a smart shop owner will see these classic pieces and know how valuable they are in a retail establishment. They can be used as a fun and clever way to display a wide variety of products.

The type of product that is most commonly sold out of fish bowls is candy. They are perfect for wrapped candy and can even be sold to customers as a fun way for them to hand treats out to neighborhood kids on Halloween. However, they can also be used for unwrapped candy that will stay fresh when the fishbowl comes with a matching lid.

In addition to candy, these bowls are a great vessel for selling small cosmetics and beauty products. These are items that people typically do not come into the store for but cannot resist buying once they lay their eyes on them. A great way to boost sales is filling the bowls with these items and placing them by the cash register to motivate impulse shoppers.

A fish bowl can boost sales by making products more attractive and accessible, but it can also help build a small shop into a brand. The bowls come in many different sizes and colors but, most importantly, they can be screened with the name or logo of the shop. Establishing a shop as a recognizable brand is a great way to gain customer loyalty and increase profits.

Plastic fish bowls are great places to keep little, golden pets but they can also be very valuable to someone who owns a store. They are great for holding candy but they can also be used to feature items such as makeup and small hair products. To increase their value, have the store name or logo screened onto the side.

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