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Folded Birch Bark Vase - 6ct

Folded Birch Bark Vase - 6ct

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  • Real Natural Wood
  • Unique Flower Vases
  • Great Centerpiece Addition
Folded Birch Bark Container Vase is the right display piece for you if you want to add a naturally beautiful look and attractiveness to your tables for any occasion. This is also a great way to organize miscellaneous things, hold pencils, or give as a gift filled with party favors. Style with ease in these display fixtures, buy yours today!

  • Folded birch bark is joined together at the center to create a round vase with 8 individual compartments
  • Perfect for flower arrangements
  • Real Natural Wood
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Diameter: 5 inches
  • 8 stem vessels
*Please note that as in nature, each piece is unique and the appearance of the bark along with the planter diameter may vary slightly from photos. Bark may peel somewhat in transit due to the dryness of the product.

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