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Food Service

Bakery Case - Refrigerated & Non-Refrigerated Cases - Sneeze Guards

Buffet Table Displays

Ready to get started making a profit? Set up food service displays in your restaurant or store that will bring patrons back time and time again. Add something new and exciting like our frozen beverage machines. This store display adds fun and gives you a great way to create ice cold drinks like slushies and other fun, tasty frozen drinks. Bakery cases and baskets give you a vast selection of ways to sell basically any bakery item; muffins, bagels, danishes, scones and so much more. Arrange at your service lines or checkouts and grasp the attention of your patrons. Offer them a sweet treat they can not pass up. Utilize these glass cases at bakeries, in a café & gift shop, or set up a selection of bakery items at a wedding reception or other occasional event. 

Food bars and buffet lines give you the chance to offer salad bars and other various food items in a serve yourself environment. There's nothing easier than having a self serve food line at events, meetings and special occasions. It helps keep overhead to a minimum which in turn aids in keeping your prices lower than your competition. Patrons thrive for a deal, so keep your food tasty at a reasonable price. Sneeze guards are a must for your food service lines. Select which type and brand best fits your needs and keep away unwanted germs. Trust me, your customer's will thank you for it.

Everyone loves a party or fun event so keep your business or food service thriving and alive by adding the right equipment. Whether you're a caterer, an event coordinator, or you have a lot of parties, keep it simple silly. Make sure to order all you need today and be on your way to a highly profitable business!