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Four-Sided Interlocking Pegboard Display

Four-Sided Interlocking Pegboard Display

Part Number:81107-703388 Price $213.73
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  • Compact Interlocking Pegboard Display
  • Color Options Available
  • Add a Sign to Promote Products
Wheel your deals around on this Four-Sided Interlocking Pegboard Display. This compact floor display is a wonderful way to maximize your space and increase profits. Many different colors on this pegboard unit allow you to add just the right look you need. Wheels on this merchandiser mean that changing locations is simple. Roll it around to different places in your store to change your look. Add some hooks to your order and you are ready to roll. Add to your cart today!

  • Dimensions: 8"W x 40"H x 8"D
  • Revolving 16" Square Wheeled Base
  • 10 Color Options
  • Includes Sign Holder Strip
  • Optional Header Signs Available

Compatible Peg Hooks Available:

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  • 6" All Wire Pegboard Hooks - Item #700886
  • 3" Metal Pegboard Loop Hooks - Item #701130
  • 4" Metal Pegboard Loop Hooks - Item #701140
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