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Frozen Yogurt Supplies

Frozen Yogurt Cups And Spoons
Visit Our Partner, Carry Out Supplies, For your wholesale solution for custom and generic takeout supplies!

All the supplies needed for your frozen yogurt shop are right at your finger tips, through Carry Out Supplies company. Frozen Yogurt cups, lids and spoons are available in a vast array of colors and sizes. 

Traditional Paper Cups
  • 6 colors including plain white 
  • 7 sizes available
  • Flat Lids
  • Dome Lids
  • Colors
  • Premium light weight
  • Medium weight 
  • Heavy duty weight
Compostable  Cups
  • 3 Sizes Availble
  • Flat Lids

Plain white sample cups will make for a very happy customer base! Of course most every cup is going to need a lid which is offered in both flat and dome styles for all sizes, with the exception of the sample 0.5oz size. A slightly non-traditional but exciting material option is the 100% compostable paper cups for frozen yogurt and lids. These are obtainable in 3 sizes. The compostable lid is only offered in the flat lid, however.

Looking to add a little spark to your paper cups and garner more attention for your store? Have the cups custom printed with your brand, logo, or design. All of the paper cups can be custom printed at no extra charge to you, using food grade soy ink. 

Select from the wide assortment of plastic spoons. With your choice of 16 color options, customers can finish off their dessert in style. Come see what Carry Out Supplies has to offer you with their frozen yogurt supplies!

Carryout Supplies

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