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The Clothes Have It! We have you covered. This diverse line of clothing racks will allow you to outfit your store just the way you want it. Whether you prefer the look of a traditional garment rack or a lighted display for something a little different you will watch sales soar when customers can easily find what they want.

Don't forget accessories, they need a place, too. Choose from bamboo shoe racks to cube displays that can hold an assortment of items from t-shirts to hats. Display shelves are also a great way to help you keep your store neat and organized. Keep the customers happy and they will come back. Get started today. Add to cart!


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Accessories Displays
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Traditional Garment Racks

The Best Clothing Store Fixtures For Increasing Sales

In a struggling economy, many people do not have a lot of extra cash to throw around on things like fashion. In order to earn their purchases, stores need to do everything that can to make their shop look exciting and organized for shoppers. Using the right clothing store fixtures is one of the most important steps towards increasing customer satisfaction right along with sales.

Since money is an area of concern for many people, they are likely to spend a lot of time shopping on the clearance rack. The best fixture for clearance items is a round rack because it is easy to sell various items that are usually grouped by nothing other than size. Customers actually like spinning through the rack and seeing what great deals they can score. The easier it is for them to see everything, the more likely it is they will be able to find their favorite and head to the cash register with credit card in hand.

One of the keys to increasing sales is getting as much product out onto the sales floor as possible. A four-arm rack is a great solution for stores that are limited in the amount of available sales space. There are three more spaces than on the average rack for hanging clothes. The height can even be adjusted so that the same fixture can be used time and time again to create different displays for different promotions.

A cube kit is a great sales tool because it is so versatile; it can be used to sell almost anything. In addition to holding folded clothes, they are a great place for promotional signs and even accessories. Boost sales by putting items that complement each other in adjoining cubes and suggesting outfits for shoppers to try on.

One of the most important aspects of selling clothes is creating a display that is eye catching while remaining neat and organized. Unfortunately, many customers will come into the store and destroy a neat display because they want to see an item unfolded. Avoid this problem by using a display ladder that shows each item already unfolded for the customers.

Choosing the right clothing store fixtures can make a big difference for any shop, especially in a difficult economy. Displaying the clothing as efficiently as possible will make it look more appealing to customers and make it easier for them to find things worthy of their hard-earned money. Choose fixtures that can be used for many different purposes as well as those that encourage a neat and organized sales space.

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