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Gift Favor Bottles
Life happens no matter what. So let's celebrate it with arms wide open. Give the party favor that will last a lifetime and you can keep using over and over again. Milk bottles are just that special party favor for any occasion. We have them for vintage themed events, baby showers, weddings. Make them more personal with the chalkboard or more sophisticated with the metallic foil bottles. So many to choose from. Size is important just like our retail business and sales are important. Offer a variety of options and leave no stone unturned and communicate it so your customers know this tidbit of information.
  • Baby Shower Milk Bottles
  • Wedding Milk Bottles
  • Metallic Foil Label Milk Bottles
  • Chalkboard Label Bottles
  • Vintage Label Bottles
  • In Both Traditional & Mini 

Every special occasion is unique in it's own special way. Its meaning is different to each and every person involved to different lengths. This is why offering variety in gift dispensers are a wonderful and profitable idea for all involved. The fun part of these milk bottles are you can fill them with anything, decorate them however you choose, disperse them however you choose. Choices! Pick the right one that best fits your needs and wants. Let us help you, order online now, just add to your shopping cart.

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