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Glass Containers

Glass containers bring an elegance to their surroundings like no other material. At night, light shines off glass jars and gives that subtle glow that adds to the sophistication of any location. Glass penny jars provide the old-fashioned candy store back to life. Looking for something more modern? Try a Montana glass jar with a red, brushed aluminum, or black lid. Small candy jars with lids provide an easy gift-giving container. Fill them with single color candies that match the occasion.  

Want table decorations that will help set the mood? Glass ivy bowls are an affordable way to provide the elegant containers you need for your arrangements. Footed fish bowls are also popular for centerpiece designs. Fill them with flowers, shells, floating candles, and more. Add fish to your glass fish bowls for a dynamic look and let guests attending take them home for a lively way to remember your event.
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Ivy Glass Fish Bowls - 4in - 12ct
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