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6 Inch Wide Gravity Bins are the perfect choice for any free-flowing product

A no mess solution can be yours! A gravity bin can provide a cleaner way to dispense your products to customers. What could be better? Choose from various sizes and styles to fit your needs. From space saving slim-line gravity bins to wide and/or tall gravity dispensers, you can take advantage of our wide selection of these acrylic containers. Commercial candy dispensers provide lots of space to show off so much delicious candy in your shop. 

In addition, gravity bins are great because there is no need to open a bin to dispense product or to keep up with or clean scoops on a daily basis. This saves you money on payroll since you do not have to pay employees to do these tasks.

An acrylic container is considered the most sanitary way to dispense unwrapped food products and a gravity container provides a convenient way to meet the requirements of most health departments. You are sure to be pleased with how well gravity bins can be used for vending bulk items whether it's candy or whole foods such as grains, teas, and the rest. Purchase bulk food bins today and expand your sales. 
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Acrylic Gravity Bin - 16in. H
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