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Yummy, yummy, gummy gummi candy! Delicious Gummi candy come in all shapes and flavors. Choose from Gummy Bears to gummy worms. There is even an assortment of sugar free gummy candies! Get a heartfelt thank you in cold, hard, green cash from your customers when you carry gummy candies in your retail location!

Gummi candy comes in delicious fruity flavors, sanded style, crunchy and chocolate covered. Shop our wholesale gummy candies today and you will love the variety! Your customers will have a hard time choosing their favorite and as a result will purchase several of these bulk gummis. Order today to experience the power of a true money maker!
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Gummi Robots - 26.4lbs
Gummi Robots - 6.6lbs
Gummi Sour Burgers  - 60ct
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Gummi Sour Gecko - 40ct
Gummy Flip Flops - 26.4lbs
Not for Sale
Gummy Flip Flops - 6.6lbs
Not for Sale
Gummy Frogs Bag - 12ct
Sour Patch Kids - 20lbs
Not for Sale
Sour Patch Kids - 5lbs
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Not for Sale
Sour Poppers - 18lbs
Sour Poppers - 4.5lbs
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