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Gummy Crocodile Hatchlings - 5lbs

Gummy Crocodile Hatchlings - 5lbs

Part Number:82403-32882 Price $19.40
  • Fun and Exciting for Themed Parties
  • Available in Bulk Sales
  • Enjoyable Lime Flavor
These delicious tasting Gummy Crocodile Hatchlings are the perfect addition to various types of parties like a Peter Pan themed birthday party, or a wonderful topping for ice cream or freshly baked cupcakes. Add to a candy buffet or dessert topping bar for customers of all ages to enjoy the delicious lime gummy flavoring.  Gummies are easy to eat, so order yours today and enjoy for a really long time.

  • 5 Pounds
  • 120 Pieces per pound
  • Approximately 1 inch long
  • Lime Flavor

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