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Gummy Strawberries & Cream - 20lbs

Gummy Strawberries & Cream - 20lbs

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Part Number:82403-35115W
  • Juicy Strawberry Flavor
  • Wonderful Shaped Gummy Candy
These Gummy Strawberries & Cream candies are a soft, chewy treats. Designed to look just like a real strawberry complete with the seeds and green tops. The back is white with a foam texture and the front is the berry. This gummy candy tastes as good as it looks. We do have this red gummi candy available in five pounds if you prefer that amount. Bulk gummy candies are a very popular candy group so add this strawberry shaped goodie to your inventory. Order today!

  • 20 Pounds
  • Gummy Strawberry With White Foam Bottoms
  • Strawberry shaped with green “stem” on one side
  • Pink “cream” on the other

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