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Halloween Cotton Candy  - 18ct

Halloween Cotton Candy - 18ct

Coming Late August 2017
Not for Sale
Part Number:82403-22026
Halloween Cotton Candy is always fun to eat. That light, fluffy sweet confection literally melts in your mouth. Now it's even more fun to enjoy with a mix of classic flavor and candy corn flavored. Each flavor has it's own decorative container, one with a Jack O'Lantern image and the other covered in candy corn images. These tubs are also great for Halloween themed birthday parties, Halloween school parties. Grab and add to the treat bags and the little monsters will love you for it! Order yours today.


  • 1.5oz each
  • 12 Count
  • Tubs Come With Two Different Flavors:
    • 6 Tubs of Candy Corn Flavored
    • 6 Tubs of Classic Cotton Candy Flavored

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