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Headband Counter Display

Headband Counter Display

Part Number:81107-300677 Price $80.73
  • Sturdy & Dependable
  • Adjustable Height
  • Doesn't Take Up Much Space
Headband Counter Display will attractively brighten up your jewelry displays. Not only display bracelets, but try headbands, necklaces and more. The metal base is black with a clear finish and sturdy to withstand most of your display needs. Adjust to your desired height for jewelry chains and necklaces ranging from 10" up to 14".  Incorporate this beautiful jewelry counter display today. Purchase yours now!

  • Material: Injection Molded Acrylic, Metal Base
  • Maximum Height: 14"H
  • Cylinder size: 12"W x 5.25" Dia.
  • Base size: 7"W x 7"D

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