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Hershey Special Dark Chocolate Bar - 36ct

Hershey Special Dark Chocolate Bar - 36ct

Part Number:83309-1008128 Price $42.96
  • Great For Baking With and Eating
  • Little Less Sweet Without Losing Taste
Looking for the chocolate that is just a little less sweet? The Hershey Special Dark Chocolate Bar is perfect for you! Made very much like the standard Hershey bar with a little change up. It’s created with a dark, also called semi-sweet, chocolate. This darker chocolate has a higher percentage of the solids in cocoa and isn’t as sweet as milk chocolate. Dark chocolate has also been shown to be good for you in small doses so have something good for you, no prescription needed and your doctor will surely approve. This carton will go great in with your candy bar display, on counter tops and especially on an impulse rack. Customers will love these dark chocolate bars and keep coming back for more! Make sure you stock up well. 

  • 36 per carton
  • Size: 1.45 oz
  • Kosher Product

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