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Hershey's Snack Mix - 10ct

Hershey's Snack Mix - 10ct

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This Hershey's Snack Mix is the perfect sweet and salty combination for those cravings. A delicious medley of chocolate and pretzels among other items. Toss a tube of this fun snack mixture with you for a small portion controlled treat. Enjoy the sweet without the guilt of over doing. You are sure to love this Hershey blend. Order yours today!

  • 2 Ounce Bags
  • 10 Bags Per Box
  • Mixtures of:
    • Mini Milk Chocolate Hershey's Bars
    • Hershey's Milk Chocolate Pretzel Bites
    • Roasted salted Almonds 
    • Mini Pretzels

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