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Hi-Chew Strawberry - 10ct

Hi-Chew Strawberry - 10ct

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  • Great Fruit Flavor
  • Unique Candy Texture
If you love toffee and you love gum you are going to love Hi-Chew Strawberry! Each candy is a soft, almost toffee like texture, that almost chews like gum but as you chew it gently melts in your mouth just like the toffee. Hi-chew candies come in a pack of 10 pieces that are individually wrapped. The strawberry chewy candy comes with a pink center loaded with strawberry flavor and is wrapped with a white layer of candy. Be warned you are in danger of becoming addicted to this new and delightful strawberry candy! Order your Hi-Chews today in the strawberry or also in green apple or grape. 

  • 10 Packs Per Display Case
  • 1.76 Ounces Each
  • 10 Pieces Per Pack

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